KFOG-FM adds Webster to afternoons


Like was speculated, Bill Webster (‘Webster”) has been added to KFOG after Tim Jeffries left to pursue another opportunity—possibly within the Cumulus/Bay Area station group. Webster leaves Entercom’s crosstown KUFX-FM (“The Fox”). Cluster OM Bill Pugh has been sitting in for the vacationing Greg Gory (the other half of the morning show) this week.

Here’s the latest:

* Current KFOG/KSAN OM Bill Pugh will take over programming duties at KSAN.
* Pugh will join the KFOG morning show with Greg Gory and producer Mud.
* Tim Jeffreys will move from KFOG mornings to KSAN afternoons (Derek Madden”s previous shift).
* Webster will return to KFOG afternoons from KUFX.


  1. The sooner KFOG moves Webster back to mornings, the sooner the Dennis Constantine inspired spiral out of control might stop. The current morning show is pathetic! I have tuned in occasionally to see if it has gotten any better and it just gets worse. Greg and Bill have absolute NO personality. Cumulus would be better off going to a fully automated format as the “personalities” in the morning just make it worse. So sad to see KFOG implode.

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