KFWB-AM adds new Community Series


Part of the station’s community-based outreach and presented by LGB, Long Beach Airport, CBS Radio’s KFWB News Talk 980 LA will spotlight the city of Long Beach when it launches a monthly series Friday 6/24, “KFWB on Your Corner.” The station will air live from two city locations and programming throughout the day will look closely at California’s fifth most populated city.

Content will examine some of Long Beach’s major political issues, improvement projects, tourism, transportation and education.  Among the civic and business leaders scheduled to be appear are Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster, F. King Alexander, president of California State University Long Beach, and Dr. Jerry Schubel, director of the Aquarium of the Pacific.

The public is invited to attend the live broadcasts and to interact with KFWB’s on-air personalities. From 5am – 11am, KFWB’s broadcast will be from Legends Sports Bar in Belmont Shore.  LA’s Morning News with Penny Griego & Phil Hulett will be on from 5am – 9am and consumer guru Bob McCormick will host Money 101 from 9am – 11am. Legends will open its doors early and offer a special 98¢ breakfast buffet and drink specials.

The afternoon broadcast will shift to Legends of Aviation restaurant at Long Beach Airport where renowned life coach Les Brown will broadcast live from 2pm – 4pm and LA’s Afternoon News with Maggie McKay & Michael Shappee will be on from 4pm – 7pm.

RBR-TVBR observation: A great way to emphasize localism and superserve advertisers in each town and city chosen for this and future series. Also, we note this kind of thing is usually done on weekends, but KFWB is airing these monthly series on Friday. A good idea, as it will score a lot more listeners and fetch higher rates.