Kids get their own streaming service


KidsAn online portal for tweens and teens, and the manufacturer of a tablet designed for kids, are partnering to create a music streaming service also aimed at kids, and their parents as well.

Fanlala is the “online lifestyle destination. Fuhu is the manufacturer of the nabi® tablet, an Andoid tablet.

The service is called nabi Radio, and it’s targeted at kids from pre-K to tween (despite Fanlala’s older age range).

It will have eight million songs in its library, enjoyable, it says, by people of all ages. What parents will like is that all of the songs are profanity free and suitable for the young range of the target audience.

The service is preloaded on the nabi DreamTab HD8, built by Fuhu in conjuction with Dreamworks Animation.

There are different song suggestions offered, with younger kids getting selections from Disney, Sesame Street along with nap-time fare, while suggestions for the 8-12 crowd are more likely to include selections from Bruno Mars, 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction.