Kidvid gap costs $10K


Did CBS O&O KTVT-TV in Dallas-Ft. Worth violate the rules and regs limiting the amount of commercial material aired during children’s programming? It’s an irrelevant question – the fact is that the necessary public file documents on the topic were missing for a number of quarters dating back to 1999. Other necessary info was missing, as well. This is one case where the licensee admits its guilt and is not bothering to find a way out of paying up – the price will be the FCC standard $10K.

RBR/TVBR observation: The flow of public file fines is fairly steady, and they afflict everyone from the smallest little noncoms to the largest national groups. It’s a reminder that there should be a designated employee, with back-up, who understands what’s supposed to be in the file and makes sure it gets there.