Kim Vasey on RAB 2009


Kim Vasey, GroupM Senior Partner, Director of Radio, gave RBR her take on RAB 2009, which concluded yesterday: “Overall, Sheila Kirby and team a fantastic job of creating an event rich with a broad range of sessions to help inform, educate and inspire new ways to sell in radio to clients.  There was a good mix of content that bridged the traditional radio space to all of the digital assets that are available today. In addition to those sessions there were several client sessions that enabled the attendees to hear directly from major national clients such as AT&T (a mediaedge:cia client).  At our AT&T session we had the audience text in their questions.  How cool is that?!!!”

We asked Kim a few more questions about the conference:
What were your favorite sessions and what take-aways did you glean?
The interactive lunch session.  It gave the stations a unique way to approach problem solving and creating new ideas (kind of like turning lemons into lemonade approach).  I’ll write an article on this for your readers.
What was the general vibe at the show on the economy and its effect on radio advertising?
Overall, given the economic downturn, I think most of the station representatives that I spoke have a positive outlook that things will eventually turn around. EVERYONE I spoke with still believes in their value as a powerful medium to serve their clients needs.
What words of advice might you give radio to move forward in this tight economy?
Look to all of the resources that you have at your fingertips within your portfolio of product offerings.