KITZ fits profile of fined company


The FCC has doubled up on KITZ Radio Inc., licensee of KGTK-AM Olympia WA and KITZ-AM Silverdale WA. It seems that when an FCC field agent visited the stations, the licenses and issues/programs lists were absent from the public file. The result was a 4K fine for both stations, for a total of 8K. KITZ claimed that the fine was in error, because the licenses and lists were available at the station, and were promptly placed in the file after the inspection.

However, the issues/program material available upon subsequent re-inspection was undated and were found to be inadequate. In the end, the FCC gave KITZ an 800 dollar discount per station for making an good-faith, if incomplete, effort to rectify the situation, and another 800 dollar discount for a past history of compliance, bringing the individual station assessments down to 2.4K for a 4.8K total.