Kix going with interactive cereal box


KidsMany of us recall reading the cereal box during breakfast, and often there were items printed on the box like baseball cards, puzzles and fold-out toys to engage our juvenile minds. Now Kix is bringing the internet into play.

“For more than 75 years, Kix has been a staple for young families providing simple, great-tasting nutrition and from that commitment we are excited to introduce a new look and a fun way to bring parents and kids together,” said Lauren Pradhan, Kix marketing manager. “To kick off the new Kix Adventures, a variety of authors have written original stories, including actress Soleil Moon Frye. Her adorable stories bring the box characters to life and will inspire young readers to use their imaginations.”

The kids can punch the likenesses of the characters out of the packaging material, where they are provided on perforated stock, and their parents can access stories on the Kix website – there are nine so far. The kids can create their own story lines or play along with those written by Frye and the others.

The boxes are being distributed exclusively by manufacture General Mills to Target stores.