KLBJ selects ConvoCast for audience-powered content


KLBJ AM 590 Austin, TX, an Emmis station, announced a partnership with ConvoCast, a voice-enabled audio community company that has created an innovative platform for improving audience engagement and interaction for broadcast and print media companies. ConvoCast enables real-time interaction around live or archived audio content through telephony and the web utilizing simple voice expression from station audience members.

KLBJ AM 590 will utilize ConvoCast’s technology and platform for two local shows “Austin’s Morning News” and “The Jeff Ward Show.”

“Today’s content consumer is seeking to express their opinions around professional content – anytime and anywhere,” states Eric Tulin, CEO and co-founder of ConvoCast. “ConvoCast technology enables anyone to express themselves through the simplicity and nuance of voice in real-time and syndicate those opinions into the specific audience community as well as other social networks.”

 “KLBJ’s highly loyal and politically-informed audience can now truly join the conversation,” says Mark Caesar, Program Director of KLBJ. “As we are always seeking better ways to provide the means for more powerful engagement with our audience, the ConvoCast application allows our passionate audience community under the KLBJ brand, to express themselves through voice – to us, others in the KLBJ audience and out into the internet.”