KNBR’s Damon Bruce suspended or fired


MIB Reports Talk RadioBruce, who co-hosts the 49ers pre-game radio show on Cumulus’ KNBR-AM San Francisco, has been suspended—possibly fired—for saying some mighty  unflattering things about women in sports last week. He was not on Sunday’s show.

Rich Lieberman 415 Media reports Bruce has been suspended and might even lose his job over the comments.  Advertisers also complained to the station.

“Supposedly, KNBR and Cumulus management will reportedly meet Monday to weigh the considerably negative reaction from Bruce’s rant last week. What may have accelerated his fate was intense outrage from women who have flooded the e-mail box of Ops Mgr, Lee Hammer,” said Lieberman.

Bruce did appear in his normal timeslot on Friday and addressed his rant and the reaction to it in his opening segment.  It wasn’t much of an apology as a “clarification.” He moved from the topic of women being the problem in sports to the “feminization” of men.

He said his rant was an “aberration” that wouldn’t happen again.

Lieberman says he’s also hearing that some 49ers officials were also “concerned” over the possibility of Bruce appearing on the pre-game show.

See the Rich Lieberman 415 Media story here

RBR-TVBR observation: Sure, strong, controversial opinions get listeners engaged and prompt a lot of calls. But really? With the recent Dan Sileo Tweet about offering $1K to a Miami Hurricane to “take out” a Florida Seminoles player and now this, it seems like a sports talkers aren’t getting enough sleep or something. Women have just as much right to play professional sports as men and the money is there for it too. Why would a pro like Damon step into that pile? Talk Radio 101.


  1. You have to be really stupid to be saying the things these guys are and Sileo is a dope with no brain how he gets radio gigs is amazing.

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