KNIT sews up 10x CP upgrade


JCE Licenses’ Dallas TX KNIT-AM 1480 will be allowed to execute an upgrade from 5 kw to 50 kw during daylight hours (while holding steady at 1.9 kw during the night) over the objections of M&M Broadcasters Ltd. Illuminated in the proceeding is the difference between a city of license upgrade and an interference-elimination project.

The key element making the upgrade possible is an agreement to euthanize KVLH-AM Pauls Valley OK, one channel down at 1470 kHz.

The FCC was inclined to grant the proposal since it would expand the range of KNIT and eliminate interference with KLVH, moving forward the FCC’s longstanding goal to clean up the AM band. Pauls Valley would still have service from five FMs and four AMs.

M&M objected on two grounds: That the upgraded KNIT would interfere with its own KCLE-AM in Burleson TX, also serving Dallas from 1460 kHz. It also said that eliminating KVLH would impermissibly deprive Pauls Valley of its lone broadcast service.

However, when responding to M&M, JCE submitted a modified CP that eliminated the interference problem between KNIT and KCLE, rendering that objection moot. And the FCC agreed with JCE that while M&M’s point about depriving Pauls Valley would apply if the proceeding involved a proposed change of city of license, it does not apply when applied to an interference reduction proposal.

Therefore, KNIT’s upgrade is approved, KVLH is eliminated and M&M’s objections are dismissed.