KOA Denver host drops “F” bomb on air


F-bombMorning host Steffan Tubbs made a comment 10/29 during a spot break about television celebrity Snooki when he thought he was off air. Tubbs’ mic was still on when he made the comment calling Snooki “F—ing ugly.”

KOA since issued a statement on its Facebook page about this situation after getting some negative comments from listeners:

“We are aware of a recent inappropriate comment that was made on-air by Steffan Tubbs. While Steffan made the comment in what he thought was a private conversation, it was still thoughtless and insensitive and we apologize to anyone whom it offended. We take matters of this nature very seriously and we will take appropriate disciplinary action.”

RBR-TVBR observation: We don’t know if Tubbs broke CCME’s “Zero Tolerance” policy by this accident, in which he would lose his job. During the FCC crackdown on indecency following the 2004 Super Bowl, CC launched the Zero Tolerancy self-policing effort, which said that there would be no indecent material allowed on the air. This led to the company’s dismissal of several of their own employees, including some high-profile hosts. Howard Stern was dropped from six Clear Channel-owned stations after the policy went into effect.

In some respects, it may be more the board op or producer’s fault. Either way, mistakes happen and the appropriate apologies have been made.


  1. The microphone is always on and the camera never blinks.

    How could he make such a stupid mistake?

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