KPRIIndependent rocker KPRI(FM) in San Diego, Calif. has been sold.

The seller is Compass Radio.

Compass President and co-owner Jonathan Schwartz said they took the step with “mixed emotions” after owning the station for two decades.

The buyer is Educational Media Foundation, which took over programming the station on Monday. The deal for the Class B non-directional station is expected to close in mid-January 2016.

Media Venture Partners advised Compass in this transaction. The price was not announced.


  1. Your programing change was an awful decision. This will fail! I won’t be listening to this station again. One more reason radio is dying…really I guess it is dead.

  2. I agree. This leaves San Diego with too few independent radio stations. And after the most successful Green Flash series, you kill the station????

  3. I just can’t believe that many people are going to listen to the syrup that is now 102.1. It’s a very sad day in San Diego.

  4. Thank you, Jonathan Schwartz and the staff at KPRI, for a phenomenal run. Facing economic reality is often
    a tough and wrenching decision. Take heart in 20 plus years of a job, amazingly, well done.

  5. I agree this station was new to me KPRI that is, and I loved it!!!! In the end boys and girls it comes down to the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! The two owners made alot of bank on this move and great for them. I can only hope that they will start another venture with the same kind of music. Other good news for me is that is wasn’t sold to a company that plays rap music.

    Pacific Beach

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