Kucinich discusses relationship with Fox News Channel


FOX NewsFormer Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) is now a private citizen and says he’s exploring his options. But he told Hollywood Reporter that he has taken up one offer – to become part of the stable of commentators in the employ of Fox News Channel. He also discussed violence.

In a way, his relationship with Fox is unchanged, explained Kucinich. He has often been asked to share his views with the channel’s viewers over the years. “I’m happy for that opportunity, and I’ll continue to express a point of view that many of my supporters are already familiar with,” he told HR.

He said his relationship with the network is solid and goes back ten years. He also said his new role will be limited – “I’m like a utility infielder” is how he put it.

Asked about President Obama’s plan to commission a $10M CDC study on the effect of media violence, Kucinich launched into a laundry list of many many things in American society that contribute to the culture of violence.

He said the violence in the media is just one area of concern, but added that of course it should be part of the conversation.