Kudos Comes As White House Renominates O’Rielly For New FCC Term


Mike O’Rielly, defender of Radio from unlicensed “pirate” operators and one of the industry’s biggest champions on Capitol Hill, has been renominated by President Trump for a new term on the FCC.

This led colleagues and the head of the NAB to laud O’Rielly and thank the White House for making the decision.

“The President has made a wise choice,” said FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.

O’Rielly and Pai have worked side-by-side for over six years.

“He is not only a colleague, but a good friend,” Pai said. “He’s made many contributions to the work of the Commission, from his leadership on 3.5 GHz spectrum policy to his unwavering advocacy against state misuse of 911 funding. When we were in the minority, he consistently stood on principle while being pragmatic.”

Pai said he looked forward forward to continuing to work with Commissioner O’Rielly “to advance the public interest.”

Democratic Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel also chimed in, congratulating O’Rielly on his renomination.

She called him “incredibly knowledgeable on communications policy matters” while adding, “He has contributed so much to the work of the agency. Moreover, he has been a valuable colleague and friend. I look forward to continuing my work with Mike and wish him well in the confirmation process.”

NAB President/CEO Gordon Smith also offered kind words for O’Rielly, noting that broadcast media’s biggest advocacy group on Capitol Hill “strongly supports” his renomination to the FCC.

“Without question, Commissioner O’Rielly has served in this position with class, integrity and distinction,” Smith said, adding that he’s known O’Rielly since his days as a Capitol Hill staffer.

It’s now up to the Senate to confirm his nomination.