Kung F-U?


Celebrity slip-ups. They’ve happened in the past, and they’ll happen in the future. And now we have a near-present-tense example, as actor David Carradine launched an f-bomb on WGN Morning News in Chicago. The incident occurred Friday morning, 7/11/08. Introduced as a legendary actor by co-anchor Robin Baumgarten, Carradine repeated the adjective. But he added the f-bomb in the middle of the word, breaking up the “legen” and “dary” portions. Another co-anchor, Larry Potash, immediately “scolded” Carradine, according to WGN sister the Chicago Tribune, and the station followed up with a formal apology.

RBR/TVBR observation: It’s another example of a slip-up that in the pre-Nipplegate days would fall squarely into the fleeting expletive column, although some think the f-bomb is so horrific as to warrant immediate action no matter what. Since they’ve literally made FCC policy on fleeting expletives a federal case, and indeed, taken it all the way to the Supreme Court, there will likely be no immediate action on this.