KKXA-AM owners buy newspaper property


KKXACraig Skotdal, President of Skotdal Real Estate and co-owner of Classic Country 1520 KKXA-AM Everett, WA, announced his family has purchased the former Herald newspaper property in that city from Graham Holdings Company. Craig is also 50% owner of KRKO-AM, along with KKXA.

The property includes two city blocks on the west edge of downtown Everett where The Daily Herald Company previously operated. The transaction was made through the purchase of the company’s stock from Graham Holdings. The price of the transaction was not disclosed.

With the closing of the sale, the real estate parcels now return to local ownership after being sold to the Washington Post Company by the Best family along with their newspaper business in 1978. Graham Holdings Company is the successor in interest to the Washington Post Company. In early 2013, the newspaper assets of The Daily Herald Company were sold to Sound Publishing, Inc.

“The Washington Post Company and Graham family have a long history of responsible stewardship in the Everett community,” said Craig Skotdal, president of Skotdal Real Estate. “Throughout their 35 years as owners of The Daily Herald Company, they invested in quality and took a long-term approach that made a positive difference in our community. That’s the same model we intend to follow.”

Skotdal Real Estate’s latest purchase is another step forward in the company’s goal of accelerating Everett’s transformation as a vibrant urban center. “As a company and as a family, we’re committed to helping downtown Everett become a dynamic urban neighborhood where people can live, work, and play in one great place,” said Skotdal. “The purchase of the Daily Herald properties creates opportunities, now and in the future, that can help achieve that goal.”