KXT-FM launches in Dallas


“Instead of an iPod filled with random hit singles, think of KERA’s new public radio station, KXT-FM (91.7), as an automatic turntable trained to play lesser-known album cuts from fresh and veteran artists,” reports The Dallas Morning News.

The emphasis is on an eclectic variety of styles such as indie rock, alt-country, folk, classic rock, world music, mainstream rock, and local and regional acts. KXT-FM, which officially began broadcasting at 7 a.m. 11/9, aims to expand the listener’s musical palette.

“It’s all about the music with us,” Gini Mascorro, KXT’s music coordinator and on-air personality, told the paper. “We want to champion the new and the familiar. There is so much great music out there … indie rock, alt-country, world. We’re trying to hit all the bases.”

Mascorro hosts the KXT Morning Show and the KXT Texas Mix. Joe Kozera is the man behind the mic on the KXT Afternoon and KXT Evening shows.

KXT’s studio, housed inside KERA HQ, is a retrofit of an existing KERA studio that was used for producing and taping prerecorded radio spots. KXT, which cost $18 million borrowed from “nonprofit-focused lenders,” joins KERA’s other noncomm station, KERA-FM (90.1).

In addition to the programs spearheaded by Mascorro and Kozera, the 24-hour KXT will also air an array of nationally produced shows including Acoustic Café, Putumayo Music Hour, Mountain Stage and World Café.

RBR-TVBR observation: Seems this musical formula has done well in the Longhorn State, down the pike in Austin at KGSR-FM 107.1.