L+7 DVR lifts CBS even higher in premiere week


CBSLive plus 7-day DVR playback expanded CBS’s live plus same day premiere week viewer win from 2.35 million viewers to 2.86 million, according to Nielsen live plus 7-day lift versus live same day ratings for the week of Sept. 24-Sept. 30.

In adults 25-54, CBS moved from second place (live plus same day) to first (tie), jumping from to a 4.0 from a 3.2.

CBS gained an average of +2.14 million viewers over its live plus same day delivery (+20%), +0.7 rating points in adults 18-49 (+29%) and +0.8 rating points in adults 25-54 (+25%).   Eight CBS series had live plus 7 lift of more than three million viewers—more than all the other networks combined.

With L+7, CBS’s Thursday lineup increased by +4% in viewers (17.45m from 16.82m) and by +2% in adults 18-49 (4.8 from 4.7) compared to premiere week last year.  THE BIG BANG THEORY posted year-to-year gains of +15% in viewers (19.58m from 16.98m) and +10% in adults 18-49 (6.9 from 6.3).  PERSON OF INTEREST was up +11% in viewers (17.84m from 16.09m) and +2% in adults 18-49 (4.1 from 4.0), while ELEMENTARY improved the time period by +2% in viewers (17.30m from 17.00m) and +18% in adults 18-49 (4.5 from 3.8).

Among viewers, CBS had six of the top 10 programs ranked by actual L+7 lift, more than all other networks combined.  Among adults 18-49, CBS had three of the top 10 posting the largest lift, tied for the most than any other network.

VEGAS and ELEMENTARY remain television’s most-watched new series.

CBS programs adding more than 3 million viewers:

THE BIG BANG THEORY              +3.92m            19.58m from 15.66m   (+25%)

ELEMENTARY                                 +3.89m            17.30m from 13.41m   (+29%)

NCIS                                                   +3.66m            24.14m from 20.48m   (+18%)

PERSON OF INTEREST                  +3.56m            17.84m from 14.28m   (+25%)

HAWAII FIVE-0                               +3.32m            11.38m from 8.06m    (+41%)

VEGAS                                              +3.30m            18.15m from 14.85m  (+22%)

THE MENTALIST                             +3.28m            14.33m from 11.05m  (+30%)

CRIMINAL MINDS                         +3.16m            14.89m from 11.73m  (+27%)

CBS programs adding more than 1.2 rating points among adults 18-49:

THE BIG BANG THEORY              +1.9                 6.9 from 5.0    (+38%)

ELEMENTARY                                 +1.4                 4.5 from 3.1    (+45%)

CRIMINAL MINDS                         +1.3                 4.4 from 3.1    (+42%)

NCIS                                                   +1.2                 5.3 from 4.1    (+29%)

PERSON OF INTEREST                  +1.2                 4.1 from 2.9    (+41%)

(source: CBS)