LA fires forces PPM recruiting changes


Arbitron says it has implemented its normal procedures for dealing with natural disasters and is monitoring the wildfires in the Los Angeles area – adjusting its Portable People Meter (PPM) panel recruiting accordingly.

“Over the weekend, Arbitron began monitoring the progression of the LA Wildfires. As with any natural disaster, we monitor conditions in the market through broadcast, print and online media. When PPM markets are impacted by a natural disaster, our Encoding Operations, Panel Relations and Management, and Credited Listening departments meet daily – often multiple times a day – to ensure that every aspect of the survey process is being monitored for any anomalies and to prepare for immediate action if necessary,” the company said on Tuesday.

“When a mandatory evacuation occurs, we suspend any calling to respondents in an evacuation zone. On Sunday afternoon, August 30, we suspended calling to panelists in the areas covered by the mandatory evacuation. Calling will resume once the evacuation has been lifted,” Arbitron stated.

“We are also monitoring the Daily In-Tab status of panelists as well as preliminary media codes detected by the meters in the area affected by the wildfires and surrounding areas. There has been no change in our panel relations communications with the remaining LA metro areas not impacted by the wildfires,” the company added.

Arbitron broadcast engineers have been attempting to contact the engineers responsible for stations with transmitter sites on Mt. Wilson. Arbitron said its engineers are available should the station engineers have any questions or concerns.

“Arbitron encourages general managers or station engineers to contact their Arbitron engineer or, after hours, the Encoding Emergency Hotline at (866) 767-7212,” the company announced.