Label hopes release to radio will put sales in the Pink


Radio stations can expect to get their advance copy of Pink’s soon-to-be released “Greatest Hits… So Far!!!” album at 6PM EDT 10/5/10, well before the general public will get a crack at purchasing it. The album is coming from LaFace/Jive Records.

Although mostly comprised of older material, the album does contain two new tracks, and the lead is “Raise Your Glass.” According to LaFace/Jive, the lead single’s digital release is scheduled for 10/18/10, and the full album will be available 11/16/10.

RBR-TVBR observation: We all know that radio airplay provides little or no promotional benefit to the record labels, so one can only stand back and marvel at this label’s awesome generosity in freely distributing the album to stations in advance of its public availability.

Could it be that the label simply wants hard-working radio station employees to derive their own personal enjoyment from this music, or is it just possible that the labels still recognize the value of free radio promotion?

If the latter is the case, it’s too bad that the performance royalty is not a reality – it would truly be an honor for radio stations to pay the label for the honor of exposing this music to the public before it hits the stores.

Of course, from what we’ve been hearing, stations in smaller markets will have to go out and buy their own copy of the album, earning the right to pay twice for the honor of promoting Pink’s music if PRA kicks in.