Lack of paint can damage your bank account


FCCWhen it comes to communications towers, visibility is a primary concern. That is why the owner of a tower in Puerto Rico which has lacked paint and lighting since its construction is getting hit with a hefty FCC fine.

The company is Renacer Broadcasters Association, and the tower in question is in Maricao PR.

Acting on a complaint, an FCC agent discovered in December of 2011 that the 295’ tower had never been painted or fitted with proper lighting, despite having been built in 2001-2002. The FCC said any tower that is 200’ or greater needs to be in compliance with paint and lighting requirements.

The normal fine for this violation is $10K, but the FCC took into account the lengthy duration of the violation and doubled it to $200K.

There was another oddity connected to the tower. In its report, the FCC said that according to its records, the tower was owned by Santa Morales. Renacer noted that Santa Morales is his wife, and explained that she inadvertently listed herself as owner rather than a contact person. The FCC allowed this slip-up to go unpunished, but instructed Renacer to get the ownership of the tower corrected ASAP.

The company also has 30 days to report that the tower’s problems have been rectified, on penalty of perjury.