LaDainian Tomlinson focus of Campbell’s Chunky Soup campaign


San Diego Chargers’ running back, LaDainian Tomlinson, is known as one of the NFL’s hardest workers and a dominant force among offensive players on the field. Off the field, this former league MVP is known for his generosity and humble demeanor–all qualities that Campbell Soup will capture in the newest installment of the Chunky soup campaign.

Tomlinson is taking his gridiron greatness and “good guy” personality in front of the camera, as he stars in the Chunky soup ads for the second consecutive year. This season marks Chunky soup’s 11th as an NFL sponsor and the first time in the brand’s history that the campaign will be solely focused on one marquee player, without his mom by his side. Chunky soup will feature Tomlinson in the 2008 campaign titled, “Working Day.”

“Working Day,” which focuses on a day in the life of an NFL star … and every hardworking individual, is comprised of two :30 and three :15 broadcast spots, as well as print and online advertising. Each spot, via Y&R NYC, features the daily trials and tribulations of Tomlinson’s “workday”, with a voiceover that allows the hardworking viewer to see the many similarities they find themselves tackling throughout the workday. Charger’s head coach, Norv Turner, will also appear in one spot, “Autograph,” … in a boss’ role.

Launching during the NFL’s opening weekend, Thursday, September 4th, the campaign will also introduce the new Campbell’s Chunky soup trademark message, “Fill Up on the Good Stuff.”