Lamb planning to graze in Waco


A troubled non-commercial television station in Waco TX is headed for new ownership. Getting set to buy at what would appear to be a bargain price is Community Television Educators of Waco Inc., headed by Marcus D. Lamb, head of religious non-profit Daystar Television Network.

The seller is Brazos Valley Public Broadcasting Foundation. Joe Riley signed off on the deal for the seller. Local Baylor University has a stake in the station.

CTEW/Daystar is getting the facility for $250K. It’s plunked $25K into an escrow account and will pay the remainder at closing.

The buyer promises multi-cultural programming that will take account of growth in the Hispanic, African-American and Asian communities, and promises educational fare above and beyond its focus on religious programming. It also promised to make sure local individuals have a direct hand in determining what programming will be shown on KDYW.

Among the topics of local community interest CTEW plans to address are crime, drugs, teenage pregnancy, homelessness, marriage counseling, volunteer organizations, civic opportunities and job fairs. It also promises a strong focus on children’s programming.