Langmyer Leaving Scripps Stations After Sale


By Summer Jarro
Special to RBR+TVBR

Tom Langmyer is ready to start a new chapter.

On Aug. 23, Langmyer, vice president and general manager of Milwaukee radio stations WTMJ AM and FM and WKTI-FM, posted on Facebook that he will be leaving the stations after a five year run.

There is no specific date for his departure, but Langmyer stated he will move on once the sale of the two stations, which are part of E.W. Scripps Company, are sold to Good Karma Broadcasting, according to Radio Ink.

The sale is expected to happen some time this fall.

Langmyer has enjoyed his time at the station especially because of the people working there some of which are just starting in the business or have over 40 years of experience, according to Radio Ink.

“I’m fortunate to work with these talented individuals – and excited about where their lives will take them,” Langmyer said. “Scripps is a wonderful company and I’ve been honored to lead for them. Looking forward to continuing to evangelize for local radio after I’ve completed my assignment with these precious sets of call-letters.”

Steve Wexler, who runs the Scripps radio division, will be taking Langmyer’s place. Wexler began his career in radio in the 1970s interning at WTMJ.