Larry King back to radio; Lindsay Lohan offered $1M for show


From the “High Level Radio Host Rumors” department, Larry King is reportedly plotting his next career move after he steps down from his nightly CNN talker: a return to radio. King has been talking with longtime pal Ryan Seacrest about creating a new syndicated radio show. Seacrest, who hosts his own radio shows — in the afternoon with “On Air” and “American Top 40” on weekends — is looking to create a media empire that includes radio and television when his contract with Clear Channel expires in November, reports TMZ.

Radio, of course, is where King’s long broadcasting career began. He spent almost 40 years behind the mic, going from a local gig in Miami to a nationally syndicated show that ran until 1994.

King has made no secret of his wish to have Seacrest replace him when he ends “Larry King Live” this fall.

Meanwhile, troubled star Lindsay Lohan is reportedly being offered $1 million to host a radio show with her mother Dina.

The star, discharged from the UCLA Medical Center on 8/24 after completing 22 days of rehab, is set to be offered the amount to host a morning show with her mother for JVB Broadcasting’s Long Island-based WDRE-FM Party 105.

Said JVC in a statement: “We think that hosting a morning program would be the perfect gig for Lindsay. If Lindsay wants to take some time off from Hollywood and spend some much-needed R&R with her family but still needs to atone for her reported $600,000 in credit card debt, hosting Party 105’s morning show would be an ideal way for the starlet to reconnect with her fans.”

The show would reportedly cover a range of topics from trendy fashion tips to entertainment news. There would also be an advice hotline for fans to call the mother and daughter team with questions.

A representative for JVC Broadcasting said financial documents and terms of agreement have been sent to Lohan’s management team but it is not yet known if she has accepted, reports Press Trust of India.

RBR-TVBR observation: King would no doubt be a hit on radio again, and no worries for advertisers, he’s a pro who won’t slip up by saying the wrong things or offend any groups, for the most part. So he would be instantly profitable. Obviously, Seacrest is in the same boat, so any potential syndication company they form should be formidable. Lohan is a wildcard. She’s sure draw the audience in the first weeks of her show (a local and national one via the station’s streaming via Warp Radio), but after that who knows if she has the dedication and talent to keep them listening.