Lars Larson to officiate wedding on-air


Talker Lars Larson will perform a wedding ceremony live on-air at 2:45pm this Friday (6/4/10), uniting two listeners, who also happen to be Washington County, OR Sheriff Deputies, in holy matrimony.   Larson, who is licensed to perform marriages in Oregon and Washington, agreed to unite this couple after receiving an e-mail from the bride’s sister with this special request.  Rock violinist Aaron Meyer will be on hand to provide the musical accompaniment for Friday’s ceremony.

The happy couple is Erika Wagner and Don Cox, both huge fans of Larson’s radio show as well as his political views.  In fact according to the original e-mail request, they were willing to get married in the station parking lot or during one of Lars’ bathroom breaks if that would seal the deal.  They relish the fact that one of Oregon’s true conservatives might perform their marriage ceremony as it would horrify their mostly liberal family members.  They met and fell in love while working as Washington County Deputies, after Don returned home with a medical discharge from service in Afghanistan.  Both share Larson’s conservative viewpoint and are supporters of the 2nd Amendment.

“I’m flattered that I get the opportunity to officiate the marriage of two of our law enforcement public servants, not to mention one who has served this country in the Middle East,” commented Larson.  “I admire their willingness to let this happen live on my show with the whole Pacific Northwest listening in.  I definitely won’t be inviting a call from anyone who objects to this marriage!”

The Lars Larson Show airs on 18 stations on the Northwest Radio Network, heard weekdays 12-3pm (PST).  Lars began his national show September 1, 2003, replacing Laura Ingraham, and is currently syndicated through Compass Media Networks, heard nationally 3-6pm (PT). 

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