, Metacritic named to Top 50 by


CBS Interactive announced that two of its leading websites have been chosen by as part the “50 Best Websites for 2009.” (, offering millions of tracks in every genre for free-on-demand and radio streaming, and Metacritic (, a roundup of entertainment reviews have been chosen along side of other familiar top sites including Twitter, YouTube, Google, Amazon and Skype. This is the 7th year has named its picks for the best the Web has to offer. calls “…an amazing way to discover new favorites and a set-and-forget way to get a soundtrack that fits your current state of mind. And if you hear something you don’t like, …[ has] a fast-forward button that will skip you to the next song in the queue as well as a nuke button that will banish a hated song from your listening life.”

Of Metacritic, states: “Unlike review-it-yourself sites like Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic archives the columns of people like Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times, Anthony Lane of the New Yorker and, yes, even national treasure Richard Corliss of TIME. A good, professionally written review shines a ray of light onto the mystery of great art, but reading a dozen in one gulp? Positively illuminating!”

See the full list of sites for Time’s Top 50.