Last night, 'Big Brother' the voting 7-2 evicted 'Monet'


Teary-eyed Monet was the pick to be shown the door last night. And CBS just squeezed past ABC in the over-night ratings. But, last Night’s Live Eviction Show Featured the BIG BROTHER House Voting 7-2 to Evict Monet after Head-of-Household Rachel Nominated Her for Eviction..
During last night’s live broadcast, Monet, the 24-year-old model from Glen Carbon, Ill., learned her fate and left the BIG BROTHER House.  After her eviction, she was interviewed by Julie Chen about her experience. 

Following last night’s first BIG BROTHER eviction, the Houseguests competed for the Head-of-Household title in an endurance competition called “Hang 10.”  In it, Houseguests balanced atop individual surfboards, battling waves and inclement weather conditions.  The last Houseguest remaining on their surfboard-and new HOH-will be revealed in Sunday night’s episode.  The first five players to fall off their surfboards will be Haves for the week, while the remaining Houseguests will be the week’s Have Nots.

The Houseguests:
Lane Elenburg, Decatur, Texas                                                      
Ragan Fox, Los Angeles, Calif.
Andrew Gordon, Miami Beach, Fla.                                                    
Britney Haynes, Huntington, Ark.
Kathy Hillis, Texarkana, Ark.                                                          
Matt Hoffman, Elgin, Ill.
Hayden Moss, Tempe, Ariz.                                                        
Enzo Palumbo, Bayonne, N.J.
Rachel Reilly, Las Vegas, Nev.                                                        
Monet Stunson, Glen Carbon, Ill. – Eliminated July 22
Brendon Villegas, Riverside, Calif.                                                    
Annie Whittington, Tampa, Fla. – Eliminated July 15
Kristen Bitting, Philadelphia, Pa.

This season of BIG BROTHER will air three nights weekly on CBS: Sundays (8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT), Wednesdays (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) and the LIVE eviction show, hosted by Julie Chen, Thursdays (8:00-9:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT).

BIG BROTHER follows a group of people living together in a house outfitted with over 52 cameras and 95 microphones recording their every move 24 hours a day.  Each week, the Houseguests vote someone out of the house.  At the end, the last remaining House Guest will receive the grand prize of $500,000.

BIG BROTHER is executive produced by Emmy Award-winning producer Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan for Fly on the Wall Entertainment, in association with Endemol U.S.A.

(source: CBS)