Laura Ingraham visits affiliates for


Laura Ingraham continues “The Obama Diaries” book tour, while visiting affiliates across the country.  Ingraham made appearances with affiliates at each book tour stop along the way with most affiliates coordinating VIP events for listeners and staff of 100-700 people. Many of Ingraham’s affiliates conducted contests to win the opportunity to attend question and answer sessions with her at the VIP events. 

VIP events were recently held with the following affiliates: KFWB, Los Angeles, where she broadcast her show from their studios; WRKO, Boston; WEUS, Orlando where the event was linked to the Rubio Campaign and was covered by local media.  

Other events were held at KFAQ, Tulsa; KFNX, Phoenix, where 400 plus people attended; KSEV, Houston; KRPT, San Antonio where John Rich of Big and Rich Country Band attended; KDOX, Las Vegas, where over 500 people attended; WQRT, Cincinnati; KKAR, Omaha, where 100 listeners won tickets to a special question-and-answer session with Ingraham; and KFTK, St. Louis, where the VIP event had over 700 people and featured Larry King Live.  Ingraham also broadcast her show from KFTK’s studios. The Laura Ingraham Show, syndicated by Talk Radio Network Enterprises, is heard on over 320 radio stations, 21 of which are in the top 25 metros.

Ingraham’s media schedule includes:  TV appearances on Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, and Fox Business Money Rocks.  Ingraham is also Guest Hosting, The O’Reilly Factor.  The book tour then takes her to Huntington, NY for a signing at the Book Revue. 

The final scheduled tour stop is in Minneapolis on August 12th at Barnes and Noble.  While in Minneapolis, Ingraham will be broadcasting from her local affiliate’s studios’, KTLK, on both August 12th and 13th. For all the latest details on Ingraham’s media appearances visit

“The Obama Diaries” remains on The New York Times Bestsellers List; joining Ingraham’s other books on the list of bestsellers.  “The Obama Diaries” which was released on July 13th, quickly soared #1 on the bestsellers list surpassing everyone in the Hardcover Non-Fiction category.