Law firm calls SCOTUS ruling a win for broadcasters


The law firm of Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, PLLC filed a brief on Citizens United v. FEC on behalf of 10 state broadcaster associations, and called the Supreme Court’s ruling, striking restrictions on corporate political speech, a resounding win for broadcasters.

“The Citizens United decision is a strong affirmation of the First Amendment rights of media corporations,” said Womble Carlyle Communications Attorney Gregg Skall. “We are pleased that the Court recognized and protected the broadcast industry’s vital role in the dissemination of political information to the public.”

In a release, WCSR stated, “Corporations are now free to purchase ads that expressly support or oppose candidates, and so-called ‘electioneering communications’ – broadcast ads referring to candidates which air in the periods immediately before elections.”

WCSR was working on behalf of California Broadcasters Association, Illinois Broadcasters Association, Louisiana Broadcasters Association, Maine Association of Broadcasters, Michigan Association of Broadcasters, Minnesota Broadcasters Association, Missouri Broadcasters Association, Nebraska Broadcasters Association, New York State Broadcasters Association, and Tennessee Broadcasters Association.