Lawsuit settled


The Center for Sales Strategy (CSS) says the lawsuit that it and Cox Radio filed against Mainline Broadcasting and one of its employees has been settled out of court.

CSS and Cox had charged that former Cox employee Russell DeVries took proprietary CSS material with him and used it as Market Manager for Mainline in Richmond, VA to train employees. The suit also claimed that he had accessed material from the CSS website using the access codes of another Cox employees.

According to court documents examined by RBR/TVBR, DeVries admitted accessing the CSS website, but denied the other allegations. Mainline denied any improper use by the company and any knowledge of DeVries’ actions.

Now the case has been settled out of court. “The settlement keeps the terms confidential except that Mainline Broadcasting and their employees agreed to be enjoined from using proprietary CSS materials and to abide by the terms of the consent order,” said an email statement from CSS.

RBR/TVBR sent an email requesting comment from Mainline, but did not receive a response.