Leadership Change for Future of Music Coalition


FMC / Future of Music CoalitionThere’s going to be a change at the top for the Future of Music Coalition, a group that advocates for artist compensation.

Current CEO and longtime staffer Casey Rae will leave June 6 and Board President Dick Huey becomes interim CEO.

Rae is going to SiriusXM as director of music licensing, Billboard reported.

“Since its beginnings 16 years ago, FMC has been focused on creating a more sustainable environment for artists and songwriters in the digital economy,” said Dick Huey as he thanked Casey for his vison and efforts.

Casey has been with FMC for 10 years and says he’s “excited to see what comes next.”

In addition to Interim CEO Dick Huey, executive committee members Vickie Nauman and Ken Umezaki will work with the board, which includes musicians, songwriters, artist advocates, creative technology experts and philanthropic leaders and FMC staff in the transition. Kevin Erickson has taken on an expanded role focusing on organizing and policy.