OTT Advertising: Now In ‘Multi-Touch Attribution Models’


PORTLAND, ORE. — Advertisers now have a way to incorporate over-the-top (OTT) advertiser analytics within multi-touch attribution models.

It’s thanks to a new set of capabilities added to LeadsRx‘s marketing attribution platform.

This, the company says, allow advertisers to incorporate OTT ad analytics within multi-touch attribution models. As LeadsRx sees it, it is the primary way marketers assess ad performance and make spend optimizations.

“Previously, OTT ads could only be evaluated in isolation, potentially leading to wrong or even damaging marketing decisions,” LeadsRx notes.

The new capabilities — LeadsRx Attribution — come as consumers continue to shed MVPD subscriptions. And, the company notes, it gives marketers a single software platform to compare the effectiveness of OTT advertising to other marketing channels while showing OTT as another marketing touchpoint within the customer journey — one that very much includes podcast ads, TV, AM/FM radio, Google and Facebook ads, and other forms of digital advertising.

“Marketers benefit from LeadsRx attribution analysis because they can use it to measure the return on ad spend (ROAS) and give more accurate attribution of OTT advertising, allocating proper credit to the other touchpoints often impacted by OTT ads like organic and paid search,” the company says. “Previously, these incremental channels were often receiving undue credit for their influence on conversions because OTT advertisements were driving people to engage with those channels. With impartial multi-touch attribution, OTT ads can receive an accurate share of conversions because the marketing data is being evaluated on one universal platform – not across several point solutions.”

“The way media is consumed is rapidly evolving, with cord-cutting and new technologies dramatically transforming consumer viewing habits requiring marketers to be more strategic with advertising in order to connect and build trust for brands with millennials,”  AJ Brown, CEO and co-founder of LeadsRx, said. “LeadsRx continues to lead the industry by constantly expanding our marketing attribution offerings to give marketers and advertisers all the tools they need to optimize ad spend.”

— Editing by Adam Jacobson, in Boca Raton, Fla.