Leahy set to address Judiciary 2013 agenda


Patrick LeahySen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) is chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and he will be speaking at Georgetown University Wednesday, 1/16/13 to lay out his plans for the panel this year. Radio broadcasters have a rooting interest.

The session will begin at 10AM Eastern, at the Georgetown University Law Center’s Hart Auditorium, McDonough Hall.

Inquiring radio minds will want to know if some version of the Performance Rights Act is going to be on the agenda. Leahy’s announcement of his plans included no hints of any kind as to what’s on his mind for the Committee.

Capitol Hill’s The Hill speculated that Leahy will continue to focus on pet issues including the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and cybersecurity. It made no mention of PRA.

However, even if it isn’t a priority, it can still easily wind up on the hearing agenda. We know it is going to in the House Judiciary Committee. The bottom line is that one way or another, here we almost certainly go again.