Legal Sea Foods launches multimedia effort (video)


The upscale restaurant chain Legal Sea Foods’ new campaign, via AOR DeVito/Verdi, kicks off 7/28 and runs well into the fall, with TV, print, radio, out-of-home and digital. In the series of TV spots, the bonding and solitary nature of fishing is celebrated, but what is also revealed are the misfortunes that can also occur when spending hours alone with someone.  The spots carry the line: “It takes a long time to catch a fish.  Spend a little time with us.”

One spot shows a boy and his grandfather fishing off a pier, but the four hours they’ve spent together are certainly their last.  Another spot focuses on a man taking his wife fishing for the first time.  Five hours later the constant chatter is too much for the man and his wife is apparently thrown overboard.  A third spot has two fishing buddies alone on a lake at sunrise.  One notices that the boat is taking on water.  Six hours later, the boat is gone and the familiar garble of water is heard.  The TV spots are set to begin airing in November.

In the continuing series of cheeky radio spots from Legal’s president and CEO Roger Berkowitz, eight new commercials present his unabashed take on the appropriate response to those who fail to appreciate the need for eating fresh fish.  In these spots, boyfriends are told where they fit in the past-lovers’ ranking; mothers-in-law are encouraged to walk off a pier; and wives are told that the dress doesn’t make them look fat, it’s the fat that makes them look fat.

To listen to the campaign, click here

To encourage more diners to checking in with Legal Sea Foods on Foursquare, DeVito/Verdi’s digital team has created a gumball machine that dispenses a free gumball once you have checked in via Foursquare at the Kendall Square restaurant.

See the gumball machine in action by clicking here

For print, the effort begins with a simple print ad that offers its own take on the Christian fish symbol often found on car bumpers.  The ad depicts the familiar “sign of the fish,” but with the word “Legal” written in the space created by the two intersecting curved lines.  The copy reads: “It’s a religious experience.”

This will be followed up with a second round of ads that won’t appear in the obvious places.   These print ads take the form of a paid obituary of a fictitious person.  In each, it is reported that the individual would have lived longer had he or she gone to Legal Sea Foods to eat more fish.  One ad says that if the 92-year-old banker had heeded this advice he would have been able to tell his daughter where he had hidden the family fortune.  And if the 88-year-old grandmother had eaten more seafood she may have lived long enough to answer the call when the sweepstakes company arrived at her doorstep.