Legislator asks FCC for measured approach to spectrum policy


US Rep. Jo Bonner (R-AL) is concerned that FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is working to the benefit of one sector of the communications industry as he goes about setting spectrum policy for the future at the expense of others. He specified the ongoing importance of free over-the-air broadcasting to US citizens.

“Millions of American rely on free over-the-air television as their primary source of news, information and entertainment;” he wrote in a letter to Genachowski, “and television broadcasters are providing viewers with greater programming choices and better video and audio quality as a result of the 2009 digital television transition. I agree that greater broadband deployment is important. However, in promoting broadband adoption, it is equally important that Americans continue to receive the benefits promised by the DTV transition.”

He said that the government put a lot of effort and investment into the DTV transition, and that it was time to reap the rewards.

Bonner concluded, “As the Commission works to adopt policies to ensure the future needs of all spectrum users are adequately addressed, I urge you to thoroughly examine the implications for all – rural and urban, young and old, wealthy and poor. The decisions made today will impact Americans for generations to come. I look forward to working closely with the Commission to ensure that our country’s spectrum policies serve all Americans equally.”