Leighton The Permanent Leader For FCC Strategic Planning, Policy


There’s no more acting for Wayne Leighton. 

The FCC has selected him to serve as chief of the FCC’s Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis, continuing the work he has been doing as acting chief.

Before becoming the office’s acting chief, Leighton served as an FCC Senior Economist in the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau. From 2007-2008, he served as a wireless advisor to then-FCC Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate. This followed seven years as a senior advisor at the FCC.

Outside of the FCC, Leighton serves as Executive Director of the Antigua Forum and as an adjunct professor of economics at Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala City.

“Good public policy relies on a wide swath of experts including economists, policy analysts, technology experts, and strategic thinkers. Wayne and his team serve this purpose for the FCC and do a wonderful job at it,” said Pai. “I’m very pleased that Wayne has agreed to continue his work in this area. Specifically, Wayne’s leadership in developing recommendations for establishing the FCC’s future Office of Economics and Data has been invaluable and will be key to establishing an important new office.”

The Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis helps the Commission develop strategic plans, identify the agency’s policy objectives, and provide analysis and advice regarding complex, novel communications issues. The office includes numerous economists, engineers, and policy experts working on various projects for the agency.