Less-than-gangbuster interest in next FM auction


The key to getting a top price when auctioning off a property is to have multiple highly-engaged bidders for a single item. On average, that is not going to happen during the course of FM Auction 94.

There are 112 FM CP opportunities up for grabs.

There are only 109 bidders. And 21 of them have incomplete applications.

The auction is scheduled to kick off 4/23/13. The 88 applicants with complete submissions have only to get their upfront payments in by 3/18/13 to become fully qualified bidders.
The others have until the same date to get in upfront payments, as well as to cure the deficiencies that put them on the list incomplete list.


  1. Comparing the number of bidders to the number of available permits is mathematically irrelevant. The FCC permits bidders to indicate that they potentially will bid on up to all of the permits, so all it takes is two engaged bidders to have a lucrative auction. Even so, the conclusion is justified in this case, but on the basis of the the relatively low desirability and value of the available permits, a trend that promises to coninue into future auctions.

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