Let it snow, let us know or let it go


Yet another license renewal challenge has worked its way through FCC channels. This time, Greenwich Broadcasting Corp.’s WGCH-AM Greenwich CT incited the wrath of several local citizens by failing to pay enough attention to snowfall events during the first two months of 2006. The station, a 24/7 News-Talker serving the Stamford-Norwalk CT market (in the large shadow of New York City), noted that it has "wide discretion in the area of news programming" according to ample FCC precedent, and it has ratings and advertiser support which indicates a significant portion of the population believes it is doing its job well. GBC also testified that at least three and a half hours of its daily programming in local news and information. The FCC found no violations of any kind at the station, and the citizens failed to demonstrate any actionable failings, so the license was renewed.