Let’s go to the videotape!


Video sports highlights have long been a staple of television newscasts – and a pretty popular staple at that. Veteran radio guy Bill Figenshu is now marketing sports video highlights to local radio station websites via his FigMedia1 in conjunction with CineSport. “We’ll have all the major sporting events,” Figenshu told RBR/TVBR. CineSport has cut deals with the major pro leagues and sports organizations for the online rights to the highlights, which are being provided to the websites of local radio and TV stations and newspapers on a non-exclusive basis, displayed in a video player customized for each station. Figenshu is doing barter deals for radio airtime, so there is no cost to the station and, importantly, the targeted uploads require no staff involvement at the station. “To us, it’s all about content,” said Figenshu, who said there are three ways for stations to make money on the deal: They’ll receive a percentage of any national advertising sold on the video highlights; they’ll keep all of the local ad sale revenues; and there is a regional ad component available for major group deals.