Letter sent to Marci Ryvicker at Wells Fargo


Dear Marci Ryvicker [Wells Fargo media analyst]; Finally, good news for terrestrial radio!  There are millions of new FM radio receivers out there just waiting to be used.   Currently there are over 100,000,000 FM equipped Android phones in the US with over 400,000 activated daily that do not incur Data Charges (like Pandora) or drop out when traveling (like Cell Phones) or use up excessive battery capacity.    That’s nearly a half million new FM radios introduced to Americans every day! 

And now, even more good news….Blackberry has turned on millions of FM chips in radios all around the world!  Now, we need to remind them to use them.  We need to send this powerful, yet simple message to all those potential listeners/users.  “Radio is Everywhere; in your home; in your car and now on Android and Blackberry Smart Phones.  Soon, Apple will fall in line!

BTW:  The United States is home to the largest passenger vehicle market of any country in the world. Overall, there were an estimated 254,400,000 registered passenger vehicles in the United States according to a 2007 DOT study and nearly every one with an AM/FM radio.  So now, we have a quarter of a billion car radios and hundreds of millions of smart phones able to listen to us!  Imagine the built in RDS/DNS systems on the Android radios being able to take the user to the web site of the current advertiser with just the push of a button. That completes the circle. 

Since perception is reality, radio is what others perceive it to be  After all, we are free radio. We are convenient, effective, essential, relevant, FREE and EVERYWHERE. 

Radio will continue to serve the public interest long after an emergency shuts down the cell system.  With the EAS system activated, users could have their Android radios automatically turned on in the event of an emergency with swift warnings of inclement weather etc.. “Dropped Calls” will not occur.  Think of us as a giant super cell tower with thousands of watts and extreme high fidelity coverage (Typical radio stations cover 10,000 to 35,000 square miles).  We are the gold standard here!  

We have the absolute power to create the image we chose because we “buy ink by the barrel” so to speak.  Yet, the ink cost us nothing!  No ink, no presses and almost free distribution.  One person or a trillion people can listen to our stations at one time. We have no bandwidth issues, no drop outs and are Ubiquitous.  Our signals can penetrate tall buildings, we’re faster than a speeding bullet and radio is everywhere. “Radio is everywhere; in your home; in your car and now on your Android Smart Phone”


Rick L Murphy
Murphy Broadcasting
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