Levi's 501’s to fit everyone


WSJ reports Levi Strauss & Co. is betting one size can fit all. Levi Strauss is retooling its signature button-fly 501 jeans so that they will have the same fit in each of the 110 countries in they’re sold. Simultaneously, the company is launching its first global campaign in which print and television ads contain the same theme, content and slogan, "Live Unbuttoned," the world over. In some cases, the actors will change to resemble the populace in the country where the ad is being presented.

Levi’s new global marketing campaign will feature print and television ads that contain the same theme, content and slogan, ‘Live Unbuttoned,’ the world over.

The campaign, via Bartle Bogle Hegarty, shows characters letting go of inhibitions and being carefree, which viewers in some markets outside the U.S. might interpret as glorifying recklessness. One TV ad debuting in early August, for example, shows a young man and woman exchanging flirtatious glances as they unbutton their 501s.
Ultimately, they both pull down their jeans and, holding hands, leap off a pier into the ocean. The final shot shows them kissing underwater as the words "501" and "Live Unbuttoned" appear, said WSJ.