This fall, with the introduction of Go Forth ‘Ready to Work’, the Levi’s brand will empower and inspire workers everywhere through stories of the new American worker. Bolstered by its pioneering spirit and ‘Go Forth’ rallying cry, Levi’s will explore how a new generation of real American workers is rolling up their sleeves to make real change happen. The campaign, via Wieden+Kennedy, kicks off 7/4  and will reach across the Americas from the top of Canada, throughout the US, Mexico and South America. The effort features cinema, TV, print, out-of-home, digital and more.

Levi’s Erica Archambault McCabe tells RBR-TVBR cinema spots launch in more than 3,600 theatres beginning this July 2nd: “The spot will begin to air on TV in September and the final buy for the campaign is actually in the process of being finalized as we speak so unfortunately we can’t share details on the buy for a few more weeks.”

The setting for the campaign is Braddock, PA, a town embodying the demise of the blue collar base that is taking radical steps to reverse its decay. Braddock now faces a new frontier of repurpose and new work in what was once a flourishing industrial mecca. Since 2001, John Fetterman, the mayor of Braddock, has taken his fight for social justice in Braddock to the masses by enlisting the help of modern pioneers – artists, craftsmen, musicians and business owners – to rebuild and revive the town. As it rebuilds, Braddock has become a model for how any city, in any part of the country, can prevail as a symbol of hope and change.

To contribute to the real change in Braddock, Levi’s is committed to funding the refurbishment of Braddock’s community center, a focal point of the town and their youth-based programming. Additionally, Levi’s is supporting Braddock’s urban farm, which supplies produce to local area residents at reduced costs.

Joining Braddock to help spark action in other communities in need, the ‘Go Forth’ campaign will feature the real people doing real work in Braddock in its newest national marketing campaign. Led by Mayor John Fetterman, the residents of Braddock shine an authentic spotlight on how vision and hard work can not only change one community, but also help to inspire the nation to aspire to greater prosperity as a whole.

Shot on location in Braddock, the campaign features a dozen residents of diverse backgrounds dressed in Levi’s Work Wear Collection for fall.

The first TV spot was shot by “The Road” director John Hillcoat. A second spot and print campaign was captured by acclaimed photographer Melodie McDaniel.

Additional ‘Ready to Work’ themed partnerships will be announced later this year as the campaign continues to roll out.