LG launches campaign for digital appliance division


"Upgrade" is the central theme of LG Electronics’ integrated campaign launched this week via Young & Rubicam’s BrandBuzz. Designed to ignite the desire for appliances featuring the latest style and technology, the two-month 20 million initial phase presents a humorous consumer fantasies demonstrating just how far individuals might dream of going in order to rid themselves of old home appliances and upgrade to a premium LG product. In one commercial, a woman, dreaming about what she can do to get a new LG SteamWasher, shoves her old washing machine off a diving board into the deep end of a pool.

Produced in HD, the campaign made its network debut yesterday, on ABC’s "Dancing with the Stars," and will roll out over the next month to other network and cable nets. Related online, PR and other communications programs also are being launched. Similar to the TV spots, the companion print effort is launching simultaneously in consumer shelter, lifestyle, fashion and epicurean-focused mags.