Liberman pulls protested program


NHMC / National Hispanic Media Coalition“José Luis Sin Censura” is no longer on the Liberman programming menu, exiting after an 18-month campaign led by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC), which objected to content frequently featured on the program.

The organizations said they were informed of Liberman’s decision by Winter Horton, LBI’s Chief Operating Officer.

Objecting to defamatory language, much of it anti-gay or anti-Latino, the organizations had filed formal complaints about the program with the FCC, and had also led to the withdrawal of advertising by accounts including AT&T, Time Warner Cable, and Western Dental.

“This is a hard-fought victory for tolerance, inclusion, and decency and it is further proof that programming that degrades or threatens the safety of entire segments of our population has no place in this country. For broadcasters that choose this path, this will always be the outcome. Spreading hatred and bigotry is not a sustainable business model,” said Alex Nogales, President & CEO of NHMC.

According to the two organizations, Horton said she would work with them in order to “create positive experiences for the LGBT, Latino and Spanish-speaking communities” going forward.