Liberty Mutual launches Apple iAd campaign


The Insurance giant announced the launch of its latest mobile campaign on Apple’s iAd, the mobile ad platform that reaches millions of iPhone and iPod touch users right in their favorite apps. The effort, via Hill Holliday (media and creative), is the first iAd to include a Twitter feature, allowing users to tweet updates about how they are “doing the right thing” and invite others to engage as well. The ad is centered around the company’s ongoing approach to connecting with consumers on the topic of responsibility. Inspired by its “Anthem” TV ads, which depict a series of people doing small acts of kindness for others, creative is a continuation of the personal responsibility discussion from Liberty Mutual’s online community The Responsibility Project.

See a video of the Liberty Mutual iAd here.

Liberty Mutual has partnered with several non-profit organizations to engage users in the concept of “giving back” to their community. With national partners like Big Brothers Big Sisters, Goodwill Industries International, One Laptop per Child and, users have the opportunity to participate in “acts of kindness” like becoming a mentor, adopting a stray animal or donating a laptop. With a simple tap on the “I’ll Do This” button, users can instantly become involved in their community and even locate organizations nearby.

Once the iAd is tapped, users can view highlighted moments from the “Anthem” TV ad or move on to a series of interactive options, including “This Week in Responsibility: What Have You Done?”, “Random Acts of Responsibility: What Can You Do?”, “Great Moments in Responsibility: Acts that Changed the World”, and “Liberty Does Responsibility: Move on After an Accident.” Each of these holds its own unique and interactive experience.

Through these interactive experiences, users can take a short survey allowing them to share responsible acts they have (or have not) done that week and find out how other iAd users responded to questions like, “did you hold the door for someone?” or “did you pick up trash that wasn’t yours?” The ad makes it simple to find and get involved in local organizations, as well as learn more about historical small acts that made a big difference, like how a student body fought back against the destructive behavior that killed their classmates by starting SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions). Users will have the opportunity to tweet about their personal act and encourage others to get involved – all within the iAd experience. The tweets will consist of a pre-populated update, like “I just donated to my local Goodwill, you should check it out” or users can create their own tweets.

The ad also includes virtual scenarios that visually explain some of the products that Liberty Mutual offers to responsible drivers, including “Accident Forgiveness,” “New Car Replacement,” and “Guaranteed Repairs” – all of which help customers move on after an accident. Once the user completes the ad experience, they have the opportunity to email themselves a quick reminder to learn more about Liberty Mutual and its offerings.