Lifetime added to AT&T CruiseCast


Lifetime Television has signed a carriage agreement with RaySat Broadcasting Corporation (RBC) to provide Lifetime programming on AT&T CruiseCast, the new in-car entertainment service. The service will immediately include Lifetime, which features a slate of programming that spans original movies, dramas, comedies and unscripted series.

Boasting 22 satellite TV networks and 20 satellite radio channels, AT&T CruiseCast service delivers real-time programming to automobiles via its rear-seat entertainment technology. The service surpasses the simple headrest-mounted DVD displays by providing a broad selection of mobile video that, in addition to Lifetime, includes a variety of family, documentary, music, comedy, news, sports and children’s programming.

“With AT&T CruiseCast carrying Lifetime Television, automobile passengers who have this groundbreaking service will now be able to watch our top-rated shows and movies while they are on the go,” said Lori Conkling, EVP/distribution, Lifetime Networks. “Women’s household buying power is a key selling point in the automotive industry. This deal perfectly complements our corporate strategy to make Lifetime Television available to our targeted audience across all platforms.”

The CruiseCast service is transmitted through a small pod-like antenna that affixes to the vehicle roof. The antenna is paired with a receiver, which is installed in the vehicle, providing all video and audio connections to the appropriate vehicle systems, such as rear-seat entertainment, vehicle audio system, etc. Consumers can enjoy Lifetime plus 41 other channels by purchasing the service at a local after-market car accessory retail outlet.