Limbaugh eyes the NFL


He now jets between Florida and New York, but Rush Limbaugh hails from Cape Girardeau, MO, which is St. Louis Rams territory for football fans. Amid rumors that the team may come up for sale, Limbaugh has told KMOX-AM St. Louis he’d be interested in becoming an NFL owner.

Don’t get the idea that Limbaugh has stars in his eyes about becoming a team owner. Rather, he sounds somewhat hesitant to make the move in the KMOX interview.

“The worst thing that could happen is for a fan to buy the team,” Limbaugh suggested. “When I say this to people, they say, ‘That’s crazy – it would be fun’.” But he noted that an NFL team is a billion-dollar business and that ownership is essentially a billionaires club. While he’s comfortable, Limbaugh doesn’t claim to be a billionaire. He said he has no debt and “to do this would require a major change.”

The Rams are not officially up for sale. However, the death of long-time owner Georgia Frontiere earlier this year has sparked speculation that the team might go on the auction block. It is now owned by her children.

RBR/TVBR observation: When it comes to expensive hobbies, they don’t come much more expensive than being a pro sports team owner, just ask Emmis boss Jeff Smulyan.