Limbaugh Homeless in Indianapolis


Rush LimbaughEmmis News-Talker WIBC-FM Indianapolis IN has opted not to renew with Premiere Networks, and the upshot is that Rush Limbaugh will be without a place on the dial in the Indiana capital. The move was amicable.

Premiere has plenty of time to find a new home, however – the final day for Limbaugh on the 93.1 MHz outlet will be 7/3/15.

“Premiere has been a great partner, and Rush has been an iconic part of WIBC’s heritage and success,” said Charlie Morgan, SVP/Market Manager for Emmis-Indianapolis. “WIBC has a strong line-up of live and local personalities delivering great radio, and we will continue to be Indianapolis’ home for listeners with a passion for conservative values and principles.”

“We’ve had a wonderful partnership with Emmis for many years, including a long history of ratings success for The Rush Limbaugh Show in Indianapolis,” stated Julie Talbott, President of Premiere Networks.