LIN acquires majority stake in Nami Media


LIN Media is expanding its digital portfolio with the acquisition of a majority stake in privately owned Nami Media. The online marketing and technology is based in Los Angeles, but serves customers throughout the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
“Nami Media is one of only a few companies that are primarily focused on the growing marketplace of online traffic quality management into CPC (“cost per click”) advertising,” said LIN in its announcement. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Founded in 2001, Nami Media’s unique online performance technology empowers advertisers, publishers and other network partners to improve the effectiveness of their online advertising campaigns by qualifying web site traffic, selecting the most relevant feeds and ad units, as well as delivering valid “clicks” in real time, which also protects advertisers from low quality queries or potential click fraud.

LIN Media said its investment in Nami Media fills an important niche in the company’s growing suite of digital product offerings and “furthers its goal to be advertisers’ preferred choice for multiplatform marketing opportunities.” Since the launch of LIN Media’s digital business in 2007, the company said it has increased digital revenues by more than 300%.
“Performance marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of Internet advertising and our investment in Nami Media provides us with technology and synergies to maximize the effectiveness of our customers’ online advertising campaigns,” said LIN CEO Vince Sadusky. “Through this transaction, we have acquired a majority ownership position in a well-run company that will augment our company’s digital business.”

“We are excited about this tremendous opportunity to be part of LIN Media’s impressive portfolio of multiplatform assets,” said Alex B. Cory, CEO of Nami Media. “It represents a very important piece of our strategy to significantly grow our business and enhance our already powerful reach in the traffic quality and CPC marketplace.”

RBR-TVBR observation: When the Internet was new the eyeball game was all about quantity. But as the Web has become mainstream – which happened some time ago – marketers have had to focus on quality, which is where companies like Nami Media come in. It is focused on such things as identifying real potential customers for a particular advertiser and preventing click fraud, which is a problem that has been vexing Internet marketers for years. Sounds like a good addition for LIN, which has already found success with such digital acquisitions as RM Media, now simply called RMM.